Africa Inland Mission

Rachel Lawrance

Rachel Lawrance is the Short-Term Teams Coordinator for Africa Inland Mission Canada. Since serving in Uganda in 2009 with AIM she has seen the importance of short-term missions. She believes that short-term missions is a significant way to support full-time mission work and that it is also a powerful discipleship tool. Rachel’s role involves recruiting and organizing trips for people interested in serving in Africa for a period of less than one year. She has a heart to see people grow closer to Christ through meaningful discipleship relationships. She works to make sure individuals have strong spiritual support before, during, and after their cross-cultural missions experience. She also plays a supportive role to AIM missionaries who work with African immigrants living in the Toronto area. Rachel can be reached at


Africa Inland Mission is an international organization that serves in over 20 African countries with a focus on planting churches amongst unreached people groups. Please visit for more information.