The Big Picture
of Small Groups

 “Glorify the Lord with me; let us  exalt His name together.”            Ps. 34:3

Imagine something small starting something big.

It happened once, when Jesus shared his life with 12 close friends.  For three years, they ate together, laughed together, learned together, traveled together, prayed together, served together, cried together and faced hardships together.  Their lives were changed and they went out and changed the world.    Do you believe it can happen today?

Imagine the descendants of that first group of followers – the Church – doing the same thing today.  Groups of a dozen people – sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less – sharing life together.  Eating together. Playing together. Learning together. Traveling together.  Laughing together.  Crying together.  Serving together.  Facing tough times together.

At Lakeside we call them LIFE Groups and they have the potential to change lives. And our Church.  And the world. With Jesus anything is possible.

LIFE Groups are not just one thing that we do amongst many – they are at the very heart of the church.

Life Groups Launch – Each September, but you can join in anytime! 

LIFE Group Resources:

LIFE Group Orientation